Liwenhan Xie 谢李文含

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Address: 1305-1, Institute for Big Data, Fudan University, 539 Handan Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China.


2020 -

PhD student in CSE, Hong Kong University of Science and Techonology

Hong Kong, China

Advised by Prof. Huamin Qu
Member of VisLab

2016 - 2020

BSc. in Data Science and Big Data Techonology, Peking University

Beijing, China

Advised by Prof. Xiaoru Yuan
Research assistant of the PKUVIS Group

Fall 2019

Exchange Student, École Polytechnique

Palaiseau, France

Cycle Ingénieur program, Data Science track (Year 3, 1st term)


2017 - 2020

Undergraduate Research Assistant at PKUVIS Group, Peking university


Supervisor: Prof. Xiaoru Yuan
— explored on dynamic network visualization and topics concerning automation in visualization

Fall 2019

Research Intern at Aviz group, INRIA


Supervisor: Prof. Jean-Daniel Fekete
— continued working on MeasureFlow and completed a submission to AVI 2020

Summer 2019

Research Intern at Visual + Interactive Data, University of Edinburgh


Supervisor: Prof. Benjamin Bach
— designed and built MeasureFlow to facilitate dynamic network exploration with series of graph measures

Summer 2018

Research Intern at HKUST Vislab, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong

Supervisor: Prof. Huamin Qu
— worked on a project leveraging immitation and reinforcement for public speech skills acquisition



AVI: Honorable Mention Award

For "Interative Time-Series of Measures for Exploring Dynamic Networks".


VAST Challenge: Honorable Mention for Support for Analysis through Annotation and Context Award

For "EarthquakeAware: Visual Analytics for Understanding Human Impacts of Earthquakes from Social Media Data".


Pacific VIS: Honorable Mention Award

For "Automatic Caption Genertion for SVG Charts".


VAST Challenge: Insights Generated Through the Use of a Custom Tool Award

For "Visual Analysis for Subgroups in a Dynamic Network".