Hello! I am Liwenhan Xie (Shelly), a PhD student from Hong kong University of Science and Technology advised by Prof. Huamin Qu.

My research interest lies in non-tabular data visualization, especially for dynamic graphs and text. I design new representations or pipelines to accelerate data understanding. And I am concerned about general visualization pipelines.

I was affliated with PKU VIS Group, Visual+Interative data, and Aviz Group.

Latest ----------------------
📧 My PKU email will no longer be used. Contact me through the new one :)
🎈 Received my Bachelor of Science from Peking University.
👩‍💻 Will start my PhD study in HKUST and work with Prof. Qu again!
📢 MeasureFlow was accepted, beyond grateful to Prof. Bach and Prof. Fekete.

Selected Projects