Below are visualization projects I have been working on by chronological order.

Wordle Duet

Encode hierarchical text as a dual resolution wordle to bring the context together with key words. This is the topic of my undergraduate thesis and I’d love to explore more.

Mortality Line+

A chart with switchable axis to track the pandemic situation in each country, where historical diseases are compared. View more COVID-19 VIS from PKUVIS.

Measure Flow

MeasureFlow presents series of graph measures and offers an overview for dynamic networks, to facilitates explorations. It is an extension of Vistorian.


I co-authored AutoCaption with Can Liu. We designed and trained deep learning models to generate short descriptions for SVG-formatted charts automatically.


In VAST Challenge, we managed to analyze the state of city during afterquake with social media data. I contributed emotion analysis and topic extraction to our team.

Pixel Matrix Array

PIMA is a new visualization for dynamic networks. It encodes group features onto a sequence of matrices with pixel technique and supports interations in a top-down manner.