Interative Time-Series of Measures for Exploring Dynamic Networks

AVI in Salerno, Italy 2020
Honorable Mention Award

AutoCaption: An Approach to Generate Natural Language Description from Visualization Automatically

Pacific VIS in Tianjin, China 2020 -Short Paper


EarthquakeAware: Visual Analytics for Understanding Human Impacts of Earthquakes from Social Media Data

VAST Challenge in Vancouver, Canada 2019 (Poster)

Automatic Caption Genertion for SVG Charts

Pacific VIS in Bangkok, Thailand 2019 (Poster)


Visualizing Dynamic Networks of Long Sequences with Pixel Matrix Array

VAST in Berlin, Germany 2018 (Poster)

Visual Analysis for Subgroups in a Dynamic Network

Qi Ma, Chuangming Huang, Liwenhan Xie, Zhiyi Yin, Xiaoru Yuan
VAST Challenge in Berlin, Germany 2018 (Poster)